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The Circle Hostel, La Union

La Union

Kara Santos
Kara Santos | Jun 20, 2013

It’s always refreshing to stay in a place that makes you feel like a kid again. A place where you can find wooden treehouses and swings instead of the usual cold steel, leather couches and glass windows in most hotels. A place where anyone can take a nap in a hammock any time you want and the only walls dividing your bunk bed from your neighbors’ are see-through mosquito nets. A place that’s just walking distance from the beach, where you can just fall asleep on the sand while stargazing if the electricity unexpectedly goes out.

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The Circle Hostel La Union. Urbiztondo,San Juan, La Union, Philippines

Website: Facebook page: The Circle Hostel Email: [email protected] Mobile Number: 0917 832 6253 Tel Number.: 607-3796

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