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Paglaom Hostel: Siargao's Humble Abode for Backpackers


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Choose Philippines | Sep 22, 2016

Paglaom means hope in the Siarganon language. This is what Sanne Sevig, owner of Paglaom Hostel, would want to impart to the people of Siargao. 

When asked how she would describe Paglaom Hostel, Sanne says, "It’s playful, joyful, genuine, full of character and has a lot of soul.” For her, it’s a small reflection of the Philippines and its people. 

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The main purpose of building the hostel was not to make money or make business out of it. Sanne and her boyfriend, Cocoy, simply wanted to meet more people from different walks of life and learn from them.

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In here, you will see bunk beds, one after the other. It’s designed to make people interact more and live life more.  The owners of Paglaom Hostel purposefully created an ambiance where people would be able to live a more ‘authentic’ and ‘slow’ way of living.

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