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Disconnect Completely: Experience Iloilo’s Old Charm In Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Aug 23, 2017

There is something magical about travelling to a far-flung place and be able to shut-off completely from the crazy that is of the world. I mean, how many times do we check our phones for the latest updates, notifications, trends, hashtags, and who knows what, from the world wide web?

It's probably one of the little guilty pleasures that we get to have in traveling around the Philippine archipelago: islands, mountains, and towns that are truly breathtaking sights to behold

In there, you find all the time in the world to prod your own thoughts, try to understand them, and perhaps, create something life-changing out of them. Maybe, talk to locals, get to know their stories, struggles, and joys— which cannot be found in the haven of our technological world. 

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Be soaked in sweet smiles, fits of laughter, and the simplicity in the presence of the people surrounding and disconnect completely. 

If you’re ready for the provincial life at its best, come with us to Iloilo’s very own Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. Located at the town of Carles, this pocket of peace await your arrival to let you experience an internet-free haven. 

Their rooms range from the thatched-roof cottages to the air-conditioned dorms where all kinds of travelers could well find a good night’s sleep.

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There are tree houses around the resort where you could simply laze in, listen to your fave music, and take that well-deserved nap. If you’re up for some whereabouts in the town, you could opt to visit the Bakwitan Cave or the Spanish Lighthouse.

Are you ready for this adventure?


Php 3665/person - for 2 pax
Php 2,965/person - for 3 pax
Php 2,860/person - for 4 pax
Php 2,595/person - for 5 pax
Php 2,485/person - for 6 pax
Php 2,445/person - for 7 pax
Php 2,350/person - for 8 pax
Php 2,350/person - for 9 pax
Php 2,245/person - for 10 pax

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Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn is located in Gigantes Island, Carles, Iloilo. Contact number: 0918 468 5006 / 0917 727 1302 Email: [email protected]

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