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Choose Philippines | Jan 10, 2014

Iloilo, a booming business hub in the Visayas, welcomes the addition of Go Hotels' second biggest hotel in its fast-rising portfolio. Centrally located, the newly opened hotel offers the best value proposition, whether for business or pleasure, or both, being an integral part of the city’s first full-service mall, Robinsons Place Iloilo. With 167 comfortably- furnished rooms and a hundred-seat function room to accommodate the city’s burgeoning business agenda, Go Hotels Iloilo is definitely the place to meet, transact business, and stay.

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As a premier destination for both tourists and businessmen, Iloilo City offers diverse options for whatever a traveler might have in mind. And when in the "City of Love," the best place which answers to all these needs is the newly-opened Go Hotels Iloilo that’s conveniently located near the swanky Robinsons Place mall.

Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), through its fast-growing chains of hotels,, has created this perfect alternative for people who are in search of an essential service hotel. The brand has all the necessary comforts combined with great value propositions for every traveler’s hard-earned currency. It affords, foremost, any Juan with eight smart reasons to stay that cannot be found in other hotels of its class. These include Windsor beds, made exclusively for Go Hotels, that use only hundred-percent cotton sheets together with comfy duvets and pillows; modern bathroom fixtures (with hot and cold showers from both the hand-held and overhead rain spout) and complimentary essential toiletries like bath soap & shampoo; free Wi-Fi access; LED cable TVs; safety deposit boxes; transport access; a fun vibe; and ‘service plus.’

The hotel’s ‘service plus’ features come in the form of add-ons such as toiletry kits, airport transfer, and/or breakfast. These items can be availed separately when guests need them with corresponding fees upon booking online.

Pull-down worktables that are ingeniously attached as wall contraptions give an instant ‘office atmosphere’ for the on-the-go businessman, executive, or busy traveler. Outside the rooms, dining corridors with natural ambient lighting offer moments of fellowship and bonding amongst kith and kin. These social spaces are perfect for sharing meals or Web browsing. An indoor garden can instantly turn into a nook for reflection & introspection.

The Grand Dame of Western Visayas

Iloilo City, known for its gentle folk and pedigreed society, is best known for its grand past. When one mentions Iloilo, all these come to mind--the Dinagyang Festival, old august churches, la paz batchoy, Guimaras mangoes, the Panaderia de Molo, butterscotch, and the local woven material called hablon.

The possibility of inter-island travel, both for business and leisure, has made Iloilo a business hub in Region 6 (Western Visyas). Entrepreneurs from other provinces in the region, as well as those from CDO, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, Puerto Princesa, and Tacloban, make the city their point of convergence. Links from the roll-on, roll-off (RORO) ferries, as well as commercial flights from other Visayan provinces to its spanking new international airport, plus international flights to and from Hong Kong and Singapore, have made the connections easy and effortless. Add to these the proximity of the hotel to the seaport, and the convenience factor is taken a notch higher.

A trip to local market is a must for freshly made dried fish and other seafood delights. The popular La Paz Public Market is a short ride from the hotel. A good place for food trips, this is where one finds the Madge Cafe, where coffee is served the good, old-fashioned way. Definitely a must-try and a bucket list entry in every itinerary. This is also where foodies can sample fare from Deco’s and Ted’s, best known for their servings of the original batchoy. The market was awarded as Iloilo City’s Model Public Market in terms of cleanliness, orderliness safety, and consumer-friendliness back in 2011.

For sight-seeing trips and brush ups with culture, a visit to Sta. Barbara Golf Course (oldest golf course in the Philippines), the Jaro Cathedral and Belfry, the Molo Church, and the Miag-ao Church is highly recommended. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s “Baroque Churches of the Philippines,” the last one’s façade depicts symbolic carvings of banana trees, sharp wooden spears, and early Filipinos in their bahag (traditional loincloth). Sometimes referred to as the Miag-ao Fortress Church, it was built to defend the town and its people against raids by the Moros/Muslims. Its thick walls and defensive towers stretch along the Iloilo coast.

Ilolio City: A Booming Business and Tourist Hub

Public transportation facilities near the hotel can take you there. The estimated time of travel is an hour but becomes shorter if private vehicles are used.

The warm response from the corporate sector did not go unheeded. The newly-opened Go Hotels, annexed to the Robinsons Place mall expansion, has become part of RLC’s response to the city’s favorable business and economic climate. Complementing all these are the locally operated food stops offering a myriad of gustatory options and the ever-essential Robinsons Malls Lingkod Pinoy Center, the virtual one-stop shop for important government documents.

Needless to say, all the aforementioned features--including the room rates that range from 688 + VAT up to 2388 + VAT and 388 + VAT to 588 + VAT promo rates--truly provide great benefits to both businessmen and tourists on a trail of discovery and adventure. As the preferred stay for savvy travelers, who may be in Iloilo on an R&R spree; or for businessmen and entrepreneurs conducting intimate network huddles and periodic conferences, Go Hotels' sizable room inventory and function spaces can provide the answer to all these. Its great location, steeped in history and culture, coupled with the warm hospitality of the Ilonggos, as well as its proximity and accessibility to everything needed in an immersive or short stay, is definitely a value-for-money proposition like no other.

Aside from Iloilo, Go Hotels are also in other exciting destinations like Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Bacolod (Negros Occidental), Tacloban (Leyte), Dumaguete (Negros Oriental), Otis-Manila and Mandaluyong (Metro Manila). For more information, simply log-on to their website:

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