Grand Sierra Pines: The Perfect Getaway This Holiday Season


Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Dec 19, 2016

Christmas season is upon us, and as early as now, people are already making plans to visit the cooler regions of the Philippines in order to more accurately feel that chilly holiday cheer, even if it’s just a few degrees lower than the rest of the Philippines. Mountainous regions, like Tagaytay, Baguio, and Davao, have long been top tourist destinations for visitors looking to escape the summer heat, as well as a cool and chilly refuge during Christmas time.

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However, among the three, Baguio truly and irrevocably stands out, being proclaimed countless times by both Filipinos and the government as the integral summer (and vacation) capital of the country. It makes sense, then, that for many Filipinos, for any vacation, they would tend to gravitate towards the chilly mountains of Luzon. Of course, vacationers would need a place to stay in while they enjoy the pine trees and chilly weather of the region. But for the distinguished traveler who wants to see less concrete and more trees, this hotel could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Grand Sierra Pines, established in 2016 and located in 43 North Outlook Drive Corner Arellano St. in Baguio City, built its facilities in and around the numerous pine trees, instead of over them. This simply means that they didn’t cut any of the existing living trees down, and instead created an openly-designed hotel that freely allows nature to come in and permeate the hotel, adding to wonderful experience of it all.

The moment you step out of your luxurious room, you are immediately greeted by the smell of pine, as well as a view of the towering pine trees that stand facing the hotel. As you ride the elevator going down, you are greeted by a view of the horizon, seen through the elevators transparent windows. Once you reach the ground floor, you can easily walk onto the open deck, take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, and simply adore all of the nature and beauty you see. It’s an experience unlike any other offered by the numerous accommodations in Baguio City.

Its facilities are no different, with the newly-opened Outlook Steak and Grill being given the same treatment: it was designed to emulate the look and feel of a typical log cabin, complete with rustic fixtures, and wooden panels collected from reclaimed wood and dead, rotten pine trees. Of course, the food is as comforting as the ambience of the restaurant, further adding to how wonderful and complete the experience in Grand Sierra Pines is. I won’t bother to describe the food, I’ll simply let them speak for themselves:

Once you’ve had your fill of rest and relaxation at the hotel, you can easily go out, take a taxi, and explore the rest of the beauty and culture Baguio City has to offer. 

Learn more about Grand Sierra Pines and their newly-opened restaurant, The Outlook Steak and Grill.

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