Marajaw, Hotel Karajaw: Your First & New Home In The South Of Surigao

Surigao del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Aug 22, 2017

To say “karajaw” fast means very or something superlative, thus, to say salamat karajaw means thank you very much.  Karajaw also means "nice".  It is but apt for the Cantilangnons to have just named its first hotel, the Hotel Karajaw--- something nice.

Cantilan blends the old and the new with the location of Hotel Karajaw just a block away from its century old ancestral houses.  The tourist gets to be in a modern residential area with an old world atmosphere.

Hotel Karajaw is done along modern lines but carries with it the age old traditions of Cantilangnons of providing the most comfortable beds and stay, the warm welcome of its staff, and the hope that whenever you are in the south of Surigao or the CarCarMadCarLan (Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen, and Lanuza) area, you would consider Hotel Karajaw your base and home.

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Located in Cantilan town and borne out of the Cantilan Bank Employees Cooperative to provide for not just the financial needs of people but answering the need to have a place where tourists can relax in while being in the center of adventure.

Cantilan came into the Choose Philippines’ radar with the tour of its 4 islands that are fast becoming destinations for those who want to be far from the madding crowd. Within its limits is an emerald river where you can kayak and just be one with nature. 

After a day exploring the sights of Cantilan, and relishing its gustatory offerings like the spicy saang (shell) of Chanlac, you can come home to affordable yet comfortable beds and accommodations.

Don’t forget, tourists now have a home in the south of Surigao. Karajaw!

How to get there:

From Manila, Cebu, or Davao, take the plane to Tandag and then the bus to Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.
It is an hour-long trip over one of the most beautiful coastal highways.
Hotel Karajaw is at Ortiz Street, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.
The Room Rates:  Single Standard PhP700, Deluxe Room for 2 PhP1200, Family Room for 4 PhP2,000 Dormitory Room at PhP400/head for a minimum of 4 heads. 

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