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Choose Philippines | Sep 03, 2013


The essential service hotel chain’s pioneer branch is situated along the stretch of EDSA, Metro Manila’s main thorough fare. Adjacent to the Robinsons Forum Mall, this budget hotel in Manila is a mere 30 - 45 minute drive to the airport. UG/F, Robinsons Cybergate Plaza, EDSA cor. Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City


What to see

Philippine Army Museum and Library

Putting on display World War II relics such as weaponry and ammunition, tanks, captured items, medals of revolutionary heroes, the Philippine Army Museum depicts the history of the military forces of the Philippines from the Commonwealth days.


How to get there

Go Hotels Mandaluyong is located near the centers of business, retail, and leisure hubs of Ortigas and Makati. Located along EDSA, it has easy access to city and provincial buses and taxi cabs and is just a 10-minute walk to Boni Avenue station of the Metro Rail Transit. It is also within easy reach of Forum Robinsons, where you will find at your convenience a number of retail and service shops, restaurants, and cinemas.


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