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Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 23, 2013

Hilot, a traditional healing practice, is slowly becoming known to the modern day lifestyle. Only found years ago at provinces, this Filipino massage can now be availed at up-scale spas and offered at par with the more popular Thai and Swedish massage.

Hilot is uniquely Filipino on such a way that it is not like any typical massages, it is not only stress relieving but it is also believed that hilot has a healing aspect to it. This may seem mystical but this belief dates back in Filipino history and is accepted way before doctors and modern medicine came into the scene.

It is said that hilot also promotes rejuvenation and balances the harmony of the body, in mind, emotion and body. A simple pulse reading and massage of a certain body part could help identify body illness. Coconut oil and banana leaves are used for a relaxing hilot.

The healer or the manghihilot has a gift for this kind of practice. Traditionally, a true manghihilot is not made, the gift of healing is bestowed upon him/her by forefathers and the practice is passed within the family only. Nowadays, a modern manghihilot is more focused on the massage or touch aspect of hilot.

One of the oldest practices of Filipino culture, Hilot is uniquely Filipino and one that has prevailed through time. Now receiving a new spin to it, this indigenous art is becoming more known to the modern Filipinos who are continually in search of stress relieving therapies in this busy world.

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