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Baslay Hot Spring: Negros Occidental's Twin Springs

Negros Oriental

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Oct 02, 2015

For adventure seekers, Baslay Hot Springs is a preferred destination in Brgy. Baslay, Dauin, Negros Oriental. Not just for any ordinary tourists because the location is not a simple walk-from the park. You must be ready for rough roads and steep steps to reach the Baslay Hot Springs.

Also known as the “twin springs” in Baslay, it is the favorite spot of locals and foreign tourists in Dauin. But after typhoon Sendong, the road going to the hot spring became more difficult to reach. The therapeutic sulfuric spring water is alleged to help revitalize and an effective remedy for skin ailments. The water temperature is about as high as 38° - 40°.

photo from Baslay Twin Hot Spring FB page

The spring is just a little bit outside of Dauin, situated near the base of an ancient volcano or Cuernos de Negros Mountains. You’ll find an inconspicuous “Baslay Hot Springs” sign right before the Jagoba-ac Bridge about 1-kilometer away from the market or Poblacion. A 4x4 vehicle is needed for about a 30 minute drive (7 kilometers) of rough uphill road.

photo from Baslay Twin Hot Spring FB page

Before typhoon Sendong (December 2011), an entrance fee of Php30 per person and for swimming Php15 per person was collected. There were also small and simple huts for you to rest.

photo from Baslay Twin Hot Spring FB page

Going to the area, there’s a steep (about 500-steps) concrete stairway bordered by thriving plants and big trees. You need to cross a river before getting to the pool. You’ll know if you’re already near when you can smell the sulfur.

photo from Baslay Twin Hot Spring FB page

Currently, the hot spring was neglected and only a few wanderers brave the area. Most of the facilities were left unrepaired after super typhoon Sendong. Just dip at your own risk if you can endure the hot spring water. The steam proves that it is hot, be careful and do not jump into the pool quickly. You’re tired body after the strenuous ride going to the hot springs will melt away while you relax in the pool.

photo from Baslay Twin Hot Spring FB page

Don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks if you plan to stay a little bit longer. There are no restaurants or stores nearby the hot springs. Bring also some loose change. A minimal fee might be collected when you’re at the hot spring.

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Dumaguete (estimated cost of Php4,000++, round trip, one hour and 15 minutes). From Dumaguete, ride a bus (Php20++, one-way) plying to the south passing Dauin or take a jeepney (Php15++, one-way) going to Zamboangita.

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