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Breathe In Nature and Breathe Out Stress with Glamping in the Hills

Joycee Mejia | Dec 07, 2015
Breathe In Nature and Breathe Out Stress with Glamping in the Hills

Now on its second year, which was previously held in Zambales, glampers were once again whipped away to a pampering outdoor experience, this time in Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay. 

Glamping, simply put, is glamorous camping. Imagine, enjoying a night in a spacious tent under the cool refreshing Tagaytay air but without the difficulties of having to put together and lug around all the needed things for a camp.

Aside from the outdoors, activities meant to shape the well-being of glampers from body, mind, to spirit were planned in the 3-day excursion. In-between meals provided were healthy (yet tasty!) as the ingredients were fresh from garden picks.

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After dealing with tight deadlines and long work hours, I thought this was a great way to unwind in a nature setting, I love the thought of being able to breathe in fresh air and breathe out the stress.


Breezy Welcome at Nurture Wellness

Nurture Wellness is such an inviting place, it kept true to its natural setting. You would definitely feel detached from urbanization. The greenery is lush and well-maintained. Staff were very welcoming and cheerful which makes one feel at home.

Nature touch on the roof designs
Enticing Spa Set-Up

To begin with a good note, glampers were treated with a lovely massage of their choice.  What a great way to begin the long weekend, come on.

Great massages happen here!
Chilling at my new crib

After a deep nap and a yummy dinner, day one was capped off with coming of age movies! Spectacular Now and 5 to 7, great watch.

Kilig glampers hehe

Day two was filled with nourishing activities, the early afternoon began with a yoga session headed by Monica Manzano of Flow Retreats and Marco Lobregat of Lifestyle PH’s new show “The Green Mind”.

Followed by a juicing workshop with Marco sharing his insights on healthy drinks. This was a pleasant follow up refreshment to the yoga!

Juice up!

The next stop of the day was an Organic Farm Tour, also curated by the same people behind Nurture Wellness. 


Tour by Cathy Tuvil, owner of the Nurture Wellness Village. She shares their efforts to become more earth friendly!
Organic Chicken!
Greens going Zen
Enthusiastic tour guide, Kuya Kerobi!


Lola had a lot of kwento on her medicinal herbs


I love coffee! Apparently they look like berries at the start

The tour was followed by a Mandala-making workshop again with Monica from Flow Retreats, a seemingly simple art routine that can do wonders to your daily reflection and mental health.

Understand your inner feelings with Mandala-making

As night came, Zsaris Mendioro and “Pinoy Dream Academy” alumnus RJ Jimenez serenaded the glampers with full-of-feels accoustic anthems. The crowd even had a chance to sing along!

RJ Jimenez 

All these just helped put you in a state of readiness to enjoy your rest. Yoga, juicing, farm tour, Mandaling-making, singing – all these would fill you with such good vibes!

And off to bed— If you thought the camp set up looked charming at day, check it out at night.

Romantic Lights <3

Lifestyle PH chose a great way to give glampers the relaxation needed to recharge for the holidays coming up ahead!

For more activities to enrich your everyday experiences, visit Lifestyle PH’s online hubs!

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