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Nail Kitchen: Pampering Never Tasted So Good!


Ulysses John Almocera
Ulysses John Almocera | Jun 20, 2016
Nail Kitchen: Pampering Never Tasted So Good!
Some of the snacks you can choose from while having your therapy at Nail Kitchen.

After getting lost in the cornfields and stepping on a lot of mud in while chasing waterfalls in Zamboanga Sibugay, I decided that my wanderlust feet needs some pampering as soon as I got back to Zamboanga City. I always find foot spa treatments underwhelming because I never get the results I wanted and feel the relaxation that I expected. It’s a transactional experience for me where I would imagine my feet being soaked on a tub of lukewarm solution for a foot spa treatment and my toe nails trimmed to look decent. I do not expect much, I just want my nails to be clean. I searched on the ever reliable Instagram and saw Nail Kitchen in the feed. I checked the place which is located in front of Saint Joseph Church in Nunez Street on a Sunday afternoon. Colors popped from their walls and I immediately noticed their humungous couches.

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Very comforatble couches of Nail Kitchen.

When my therapist was about to start the session, I was pleasantly surprised when she handed me a menu with an assortment of snacks. The owner who was very accommodating suggested that I try their buffalo wings and ube frap. I did not hesitate to order because the prices ranged from 60 to 100 pesos only.

Ube frappe.
Buffalo wings.

I tried their peppermint de luxe foot spa which also comes in lemon tea, lavender, powder fresh and choco-mint scents. After soaking my feet on a bucket of lukewarm water, the therapist wiped my feet and gently rubbed peppermint cream from my ankle to my knees which smelled really great and had that very relaxing spa feeling. While my sole was wrapped in wet cotton, my therapist explained that their treatment is unique from other foot spa treatments because they are the only ones who offer foot spa with mask. While waiting for the solution to do its magic, I was handed the remote for their flat screen TV and had the privilege to choose from their wide assortment of blockbusters.

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My food arrived just in time and I was given plastic gloves to keep my hands clean The buffalo wings was crispy on the outside and coated with a sweet and spicy sauce. The frappe looked really inviting with the mountain of whipped cream and cookies. The buffalo wings were enough for two and the frappe looked like it came from an expensive coffee shop that would charge me double. I can’t help but ask if they are serious with their pricing because I expected less. I let time pass by as I enjoy my sweet little heaven; a relaxing foot treatment, my favorite movie, and great tasting food while sitting in a soft humungous couch all at the same time.

Nacos con carne.

Soon enough, customers came in and I saw a couple enter the room. The girl had a foot spa and her boyfriend ordered a lot of food. It is very boring and painstaking for a guy to wait for his girl to finish her treatment but not in Nail Kitchen! There are a lot of treatments, food and movies to choose from!

Pizza cups

My therapist returned and finished my treatment. It took more than an hour but I did not feel time pass me by.  The foot mask had a warm minty feel that penetrated deep within the muscles of my feet and a refreshing scent. The lady who had a footspa also had cute nail art! I did not hesitate to ask for her hands to model to some of my photos! I also had a chance to sneak at their tiny kitchen and was impressed with their cleanliness.

Fries con carne

No sugarcoating necessary, I had the best foot spa experience ever! It was almost dark when I got out of Nails Kitchen and I will definitely go back after my next adventure. For now, my feet needs to go back to the outdoors and experience some thrill.

My feet after the de luxe foot spa at Nail Kitchen.

Nail Kitchen is located at Nunez St, Zamboanga City in front of St Joseph Church. For reservations, you may call them at 0917-726-0691. They are open every day from 10am to 7pm.

The array of nail polish at Nail Kitchen.
Solo couches at Nail Kitchen for those who are alone.
The different services offered by Nail Kitchen.
The Menu at nail Kitchen.

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