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When In Negros: A Sweet Staycation at Melba's Farm

Negros Occidental

Aris Mape
Aris Mape | Jul 18, 2016

You’ve scaled too many mountains, bummed for days in the beach, and seen enough caves and waterfalls. You’ve had enough time on the road chasing adventures. Perhaps you owe yourself a break? Stop from all the running around and decide to do just nothing on a lazy weekend.

I didn’t mean locking yourself in your room or overstaying in the spa. If you have at least a day to spare, go to a farm anywhere in the countryside and slow down. And if by chance your trip ends up in Negros Occidental, book your stay at Melba’s Farm in Talisay City.

Melba’s Farm is a 10-hectare property of the Carranza’s, about 21 kilometers from Bacolod City. It’s a secluded spot in the middle of the woods, snuggled in the sturdy mahogany and lanzones trees. It has an open-air clubhouse on a hill, a breezy venue for corporate meetings and seminars. For a relaxing me-time, Melba's has two homey villas and an intimate infinity pool that has an overlooking view of Bacolod. The farm’s owner, Alvin Carranza, named it after his mom, a big portrait of whom hangs on the wall of the clubhouse.


Rocky Road (Taken with Huawei Mate S)

Getting There
Melba’s Farm is accessible from Bacolod through Alangilan. From Campuestohan Highland Resort, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the farm. There’s some thrill getting there. The 2-kilometer dirt road from the highway to the farm is not a very comfy ride. No joke, the getting-there part can spoil your trip if transportation is not well-planned. In fact, I’ve read in one blog that their group had to walk with their luggage and stuff, because of some challenges in transportation.

So, if you’re driving, better come on a 4x4 car or a pickup. If you’re game for some habal-habal (motorcycle) ride, some guys from Campuestohan may be willing to take you to the farm. They can charge about P100. The best option for a stress-free visit, however, is to arrange your transportation with Alvin ahead of time, so he can assist you with car rentals. Easy!


The clubhouse (Taken with Huawei Mate S)


Romantic moments (Taken with Huawei Mate S)


The breezy clubhouse (Taken with Huawei Mate S)

Melbas Edits

Sentimental tokens  (Taken with Huawei Mate S)



The Mahogany Room (Taken with Huawei Mate S)


Spacious bathroom (Taken with Huawei Mate S)



But, because of the tight schedule, I decided to pack up, get back on the road and trek to the waterfalls in Patag. I said goodbye to Rambo and the staff sent me off with their smile. Eds gave me a ride to the jeepney terminal, and that made the finale of my unforgettable retreat at Melba’s Farm.


Infinity pool (Taken with Huawei Mate S)

More About Melba's Farm
Wanna know more about the farm? Visit my blog for more photos and information including the rates and what to expect during your stay. My blog D'yan lang advocates mobile photography and Philippine travel. It was the People's Choice in the 2015 Bloggys Philippine Blogging Awards, also 2015 Best Travel Blog and Best Photo Blog of the Cebu Bloggers Society.

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