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Rest And Recharge: 5 PH Spots To Heal Your Stressed Soul!

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Choose Philippines | May 17, 2018

Is the workweek stressing you out? If it is, here are the places you should visit:

The Monastery of Transfiguration

Found in San Jose, Malaybay, Bukidnon, The Monastery of Transfiguration is 10 minutes away from the main highway. It's a very beautiful church that offers a view of verdant hills overlooking several agricultural products such as rice, corn, and peanuts. If you're the religious type, you will find healing here.


Baslay Hot Springs

The Philippines, being tropical, isn't a country known for a culture around hot springs. However, it's still a country populated with lots of hot springs. Try it out for yourself, and see it how it changes your life, and your back and neck!


Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park

Nature has the power to heal, and being close to it will make you feel safe and at peace. This is what Davao's Bamboo Sanctuary aims to do, especially for all you stressed-out city-dwellers.


Sira-an Hot Spring

Hot springs may not be popular all over the Philippines, but for the locals of Antique will tell you otherwise. In fact, the locals are in love with Sira-an hot springs because of its many touted healing properties. Experience it today!


Eden Nature Park and Resort

An eco-adventure experience awaits the visitor to Eden Nature Park and Resort. For all of you looking to escape the hustle of city life, and craving for that fresh mountain air, Davao's Eden is the place to go.


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