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Stressed? Kalibo, Aklan Offers Snakes To Massage Your Aches Away!


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Choose Philippines | Dec 05, 2019

Story by Cherry Palma

Approximately 3-4 hours from Iloilo City, one would find Kalibo Ostrich Farm in New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan. The place boasts of a unique attraction – a farm that houses massive, six-foot-long snakes. Instead of being holed up inside the cage, you could actually get to feel every inch of their muscle in a unique Snake Massage experience!

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Once you recline on a mat inside a cool and native room, the farm’s attendants will put two Burmese pythons on your chest. The 50-kilo snake will wrap themselves around your waist, feet, head, and arms. It's a thrilling adventure for those who fear snakes but fulfilling for those who have been wanting to try it for the first time. Students who have tried it felt empowered after facing their fear and ended up stimulated and relaxed after the massage that lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes for a fee of Php150 pesos.

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The farm’s owner, Ramon Dio, decided to let his two beloved Burmese pythons explore their newfound talent this year. Now, locals and even tourists from different parts of the globe flock to try the unique massage. The Dio family admits that it is a struggle to maintain the farm especially with the daily influx of visitors. 

The mini-farm is a 15-minute ride from Kalibo town proper.

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