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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 22, 2013

One eco-adventure experience awaits the visitor to Eden Nature Park and Resort. Upon arrival, one can immediately enjoy the cool mountain air and the pine scented breeze.

If you're on an Eden day package, a shuttle with your own tour guide would take you around the resort.

Eden's points of interest:

1) Ampitheatre and Flower Garden: colorful sights and smell of rainbow-colored flowers plus an excellent view of Davao City and the Gulf. The jade vine which is endemic to Mt. Apo, hangs on the trellises of the ampitheatre, making it perfect for photo ops and weddings. Hhhhmmm... weddings... (snap out of it... on to the tour!)

2) Tinubdan: an outdoor museum/cultural park serves as a refresher and reminder for us to be in touch with our cultural ties. A Bagani or protector guards the entrance to the village.

3) Lola's Garden: this is where I made a wish at Mayumi's wishing well. I hope the beautiful, colorful gumamela (hibiscus) of the well's water would help in making my wish come true.

4) Deer Park: shy families of native deer (usa, binaw) can be spotted in their native habitat.

5)Vegetable Gardens and Greenhouses: the freshest lettuce, salad tomatoes and herbs are here. Have your fill of the salad greens during lunch at the Vista Restaurant. Don't forget to buy a bottle of Pia's Garden vinegar infused with oregano and other spices... yum!

For the sporty traveller, there's a sports field with the following amenities: obstacle course, horse park, soccer field and yes... the Skyrider. Its a 200-meter long zipline overlooking Davao City and the Gulf.

Walking around the park can also give you a good cardio workout or go off on your own adventure with the 4-kilometer mountain trail.

One whole day is not enough to enjoy the park, so stay for the night... there was one time that I did get to see fireflies. And what a beautiful sight it was.

Rooms, Cottages and Villas can be rented from Php 1,500/12,600/per night.

Entrance to the Fishing Village is Php 55. Go fishing and have your catch cooked right then and there.

Entrance to the Swimming Pool is Php 80 for adults and Php 55 for children. Bbbrrrr.... the cool mountain air gave me goose bumps...

Entrance for the Tinubdan-Langub sa Kaalaman show is Php 55.

Buffet lunch is Php 450 for adults and 280 for children 4 years old and below.

Plated snack is Php 180 for adults and 150 for children 4 years old and below.

What to bring:

  • Comfy shoes for walking

  • A light jacket. It can be pretty cool.

  • For those who are allergic to pollens, bring your anti-allergy medicine.

At Eden Nature Park and Resort, one follows the Mountaineer's Dictum: Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time, Bring home nothing but memories.


Major airlines have daily flights from Manila and Cebu to Davao City.

From the airport, one can hire a taxi to take you to Eden Nature Park & Resort for Php2,500-3,000 (US$62.5- 75) round trip. Taxis can accommodate up to 4 persons only.

From the City proper taxi fare is Php250 (US$6.25) to Bayabas, Toril then ride the motorcycle for PhP100 (US$2.5) per person.

If you have your own car, from the airport or the city proper, drive through the Davao-Japan Highway/City proper to Toril then turn right to Bayabas, Toril.

If you want to take the public utility vehicle from the city proper, jeepneys to Bayabas, Toril would cost from Php25-30 (US$0.625-0.75) then ride the motorcycle up to Eden for Php100/person (US$2.5). Round trip motorcycle ride to Eden is Php200 (US$5).

Travel time is from 45 minutes to an hour.

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