A Quick Trip to the South: Your Guide to Ultimate Bonding Experience (U.B.E.)

Ruth Manlapaz
Ruth Manlapaz | Apr 13, 2015

Have you ever experienced planning a trip for your whole family but every one is just too busy and your individual schedule doesn't match? 

This is the problem that my family is experiencing especially that we, the children, are too busy with work and other commitments and our only available time for an U.B.E. (Ultimate Bonding Experience) is only on holidays and Sundays.

When we were given a chance for a one day U.B.E., we’ve decided to head to the South and this is how we spent it:


1) Eat lunch while enjoying the scenic view of Taal Volcano

One of the best bonding experiences that a family can have is by sharing a delicious and hearty meal together. The relaxing view of the beautiful Taal Volcano made the dining experience even more special. 

Club Balai Isabel offers a memorable experience at their restaurants-- Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria and Terazza Café & Restaurant.

 The restaurants of Club Balai Isabel has a wide range of food selections that the whole family can indulge in. 

Pizza Margherita –Double (P220)
Bulalong Batangas (P450)
Tropical Lagoon Smoothie (P140), Mango Shake (P140) and Watermelon Shake (P140)
Crispy Fried Tawilis (P250), Red Tilapia Steamed (P280),  Crispy Pork Pata (P420), and Sweet and Sour (P280)

Budget: P1500-P3,000 for a Family of 7


2) Savor the chilly winds of Tagaytay with a cup of coffee

Nothing beats the experience of chatting with your loved ones while sipping a cup of hot cacao and coffee. One of the places in Tagaytay that is well known for its coffee is Bag Of Beans.

Façade of Bag of Beans
The spacious first floor of Bag of Beans
Magnificent view from the second floor stairway of the cafe
If you love a brighter interior, you will surely enjoy the 2nd floor of the cafe.
Coffee Choco Banana Frost (P145), Iced White Mocha (P115), and Hot Chocolate (P115)
Our grandma is enjoying her cup of hot chocolate drink.

Budget: P100-P500 per person


3) Shop until you drop

Before heading back to the Metro, drop by Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa and you might just spot some good finds from various outlet stores in the area. 


Suggested itinerary schedule:

9:00 AM – Departure to Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas
11:00 AM – Lunch at Club Balai Isabel
2:00 PM – Departure to Bag Of Beans, Tagaytay
3:30 PM – Coffee break at Bag Of Beans 
5:30 PM – Departure to Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa
7:00 PM – Shop and Dine at Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa
9:00 PM – Homeward bound

What about you? Do you have a similar experience with your family or other suggestions for a one day U.B.E.? 

Share it with us! 

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