Davao’s Jive Resort: A Cool Spot for Relaxation

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 06, 2015
Davao’s Jive Resort: A Cool Spot for Relaxation

Cloaked in fog, dormitory type of houses are found along the highway of BuDa Road in Marilog District—  Jive Resort is a haven on top of the mountains. 

Jive Resort occupies 10 hectares of mountain land in Datu Salumay, Marilog District in Davao City. The resort adheres to a law that limits building establishment on some protected areas. Illegal logging is strictly prohibited as well. 

Visitors who come from the city will surely appreciate the scenery of the place and, of course, the weather. 

Two beautiful waterfalls are also found within the vicinity of the resort. The 5-foot Anak falls can be reached by foot with just 127 steps from Jive’s clubhouse. If you go further down and take 200 steps, the 20-foot Inuy falls will surprise you with its great height.   

Taking a bath in these chilling waterfalls will definitely test how courageous you are! 

The resort has become a popular destination for pre-nuptial shoots in Davao. There are different types of accommodations to choose from for an overnight stay, from dormitory houses to A-houses that are suitable for a family of 5 or 7. 

You can have your meal catered or cook at the kitchen of your dorm, depending on your arrangement with the management. 

The clubhouse is used for trainings, parties, teambuilding and other functions and can accommodate  20-30 persons.

Another exciting thing to do is to go down and eat at Wild Berry or harvest strawberries at Bemwa.

Truly, the word that best described Jive resort is “relaxation” as one is able to enjoy nature at its best! 

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