Seagull Mountain Resort: A Refuge in the Baguio of the South

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 26, 2015
Seagull Mountain Resort: A Refuge in the Baguio of the South

At 4,000 feet above sea level, BuDa road has been dubbed as the “Baguio of the South” because of mountain resorts and vacation houses lining the road. 

Seagull Mountain Resort is one accommodation in BuDa that has well-maintained rooms and facilities that can host a large group of guests. The resort offers a variety of sumptuous dishes in their restaurant’s menu and steak house. 

The resort and its staff are very welcoming towards guests and travelers from all over the country and the world. It will bring you closer to nature as towering pine trees and flowers surround the place. There are chairs on carriage wheels under the trees when you want to take a break from walking. 


Cottages are nestled on hills and tents surrounds a campsite where guests can enjoy the bonfire to warm their nights. For those who can brave the cold, they can take a dip at the resort’s swimming pool or trek to the waterfalls near the area. 


During late afternoons and early mornings, thick fog covers the entire resort.

There are two chapels that you can reach on foot— the Our Lady of Manaoag and the hilltop wedding chapel. From afar, we could already see gray fog starting to cloak the hills, and the chapel being bathed in the dying light of the sun.  



When we went back to our cottage, the fireplace was already lit. But even then, the coldness still creeps in. We all burrowed into our thick blankets and enjoy the comfort of it. 

We had a delightful breakfast with hot chocolate and suman sprinkled with pinipig were served on our plate. 

Transients can tour the resort for a minimum fee of PhP10 and those who want to stay overnight can choose from a variety of accommodations ranging from PhP 750 to PhP 4,000.

It is best to book at (082)286-3233 for you to guarantee that you have a place to stay.

How to get there:

From Manila, Davao City is an hour and 40 minutes by plane and 3 days and 2 nights by land and sea. Seagull Mountain Resort is located in Brgy. Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon which is an hour away from Davao City proper.

Buses bound for Bukidnon ply the route daily.Taxis can take you to Seagull.  Arrange for them to take you back.  Rate is negotiable. If you have your own vehicle, take the right road from Ulas to BuDa.  It has a huge road sign just before the curve to the quarantine.

When you want to have a whole house to yourself, there’s Buda Vista just a little distance from Seagull. Enjoy southern style cooking at the Wild Berry when you want to have meals outside of Seagull, or channel Forevermore’s strawberry fields of La Presa at Bemwa.

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