6 Davao Mountain Resorts That are Perfect Vacation Spots

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Feb 26, 2016
6 Davao Mountain Resorts That are Perfect Vacation Spots

Davao City is one of the largest cities in the world in terms of land area.  Its 2,444 square kilometers is composed of mountain ranges, hills, rivers, farms, beaches and urban areas.

Mountain resorts abound which can take off the heat during the warm summer days and nights. Here’s a list of the resorts and accommodations where you can fully rest and enjoy the nature. 

1. Eden Nature Park and Resort

Return to Eden 

Eden may be located an hour away from the center of the city but it has facilities that can make you want to stay longer without missing the “comforts” of the city.

It also has adventure activities like skycycle, skyride and sky swing for those who get easily bored with all the serenity that the resort offers.

Eden also offers the freshest green salads from its gardens and other culinary delights from its kitchen at the Vista Restaurant.

2. Malagos Garden

3 Proudly Made Davao Products in One Platter at Malagos Garden


Orchids and other blooming ornamentals, chocolate, cheese and wine are just some of Malagos Garden’s endearing offerings. It also has a bird show, a swimming pool and comfortable cottages when you want to stay overnight.

3. Buda Vista

When in Davao: Take Refuge in Buda Vista 

Rest and relaxation are the keywords to describe this private rest house along BuDa Road. It can only accommodate a maximum of 10 persons and once you book it, it is yours exclusively for the duration of your stay.

4. Seagull Mountain Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort: A Refuge in the Baguio of the South

Take a breather in this resort located 4,000 feet above sea level.  Expect to be cloaked in fog during the early mornings and late afternoons.  Wear a jacket as the cold morning breeze would make you want to just cuddle up.

They have a fall and a swimming pool when you want to brave the cold to take a swim.

5. Jive

Davao’s Jive Resort: A Cool Spot for Relaxation 

Jive is 10 hectares of mountain greenery with two falls to explore and swim in.  The scene of the fog cloaking the buildings would invite you to dig farther into the bed covers and relax and sleep.

6. Sto. Niño of the Woods (Yellowgate) 

BuDa Mountain Resort: Travel Through the Amazing Hills of Mindanao


Zip from Arakan, Cotabato province to Davao City in less than 5 minutes in the Sto. Niño of the Woods Resort in BuDa.   While ziplining, you also get to be enveloped in fresh and cold mountain breeze and have a relaxing view of green canopy.

You can also take a walk, hike, go spelunking or just simply enjoy the serenity that the resort offers.

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
Travel time is an hour and 50 minutes from Manila and 50 minutes from Cebu.

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