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Choose Philippines | Oct 18, 2016

Choose Philippines shines the spotlight on the accommodations that doubles as your home away from home. It completes your travel experience by creating the perfect mood for a delightful experience. It gives you reliable service, comfort and safety—and you would not think twice of recommending it to your family and friends. Here are the Top 5 Best Accommodation for your Barkada. Vote now at Choose Philippines Awards Best Accommodation in the Category: Barkada

Photo from Balesin

Balesin Island Resort

Take your pick. Balesin, an exclusive lavish resort, is divided into seven themed villages depending on your desired escapade. 

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Photo from Catanauan Cove

Catanauan Cove

In Catanauan Cove, you are motivated to get out of your room and bask in the ambiance of Mother Nature. With a pool of recreational activities to choose from, you will not be weary.

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Photo from Emiramona Hotel

Emiramona Hotel

Just a two-hour drive down south. Emiramona Hotel is your go-to place with its wide range of amenities perfect for team building, parties, and other events. 

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Photo from Bryan Rosete

Gigantes Hideaway Inn

A laidback accommodation suitable for backpackers. In Gigantes Hideaway Inn, you'll get to experience nature's finest. From crystal clear waters to amusing rock formations, you'll surely get your much needed adventure.

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Photo from Le Monet Hotel

Le Monet Hotel

The aroma of fresh pine trees and numerous mountains will greet you at the foyer up to your room at Le Monet Hotel. Stay warm with a lovely cup of coffee in the frosty weather up north.

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