German Names His Fancy Resort After 'The Girl Sitting Above The Cliff' In Samal Island

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 11, 2017
German Names His Fancy Resort After 'The Girl Sitting Above The Cliff' In Samal Island

With summer looming over the horizon, and temperatures already playing at the 30-40 degree mark, staying cool is a must. 

Of course, there are various ways to cool down—with drinks, refreshments, airconditioners, and electric fans. However, the best way to coolf off and chill is still perhaps to take a dip in a pool or swim the deep blue sea.

Samal Island or the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS) has a variety of resorts to choose from, to cater to your swimming, diving, and snorkelling needs.

One of Samal's premier resorts, Lorelei Beach Resort in Barangay Catagman is a private vacation house that was recently opened to the public.

It is a white mansion with spacious and comfortable rooms that look out over the deep blue waters of the Davao Gulf.

Staying at this beautiful resort is a truly wonderful experience: you hear the chirping of the birds on the countryside rooms, and the rushing of the sea to the shore on the oceanside rooms. From wherever you choose to stay, serenity is yours at the house.

If you want time to be with your thoughts, walk along the jetty that juts out to sea or you can lay back on the lounges by the sea.


And when it comes to your need for food, Lorelei’s house specialties of German and Filipino fusion dishes are a delight to feast on.  It is best to have your meals by the balcony or at the bar by the sea.


The German-Filipino couple who owns Lorelei named its resort after the legend of the lady on the River Rhine named Lore Lay who “sits above the cliff combing her hair”.  This time, it’s a lovely mansion by the sea that can cast its relaxing spell on you.

How to get there:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.

IGaCoS is 7-10 minutes boat ride from Davao City’s Sasa Km. 11 passenger and vehicle barge terminal.

From the docking area in Samal, Barangay Catagman is just 7-10 minutes on paved highway with a beautiful view of Davao Gulf.

Contact 0915-173-2325 or email to [email protected] for reservations.

Room rates start at PhP2,500 to 3,500 all good for two and with complimentary breakfast.

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