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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 11, 2017

Camiguin or the Island Born of Fire is a very popular tourist attraction in Northern Mindanao for its lanzones, white island, hot and cold springs, and the warmth of its people. 

But not everyone who lives in the island and visits the island knows that in one of its municipalities, Sagay, there is a big population of its natives— the Tribu Kamigin.

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On my first time to the island, I was welcomed by Grace Cutab of Casa de Cutab, a resort that had all the comforts of home and the beach at my backyard.  It was far from the madding crowd of downtown Mambajao  where I discover more of the unusual story of the Tribu Kamigin.

It was a privilege to know that Grace is the secretary of the tribal council and that her father, Datu Kasabutan, is one of the tribal leaders.  It is then no wonder that at the entrance of the resort are posters with common words in English that is translated to Kamiguing.

Knowing their story and history from one of its Datus, Datu Batongbuhi Nilo Cagas, also made the stay at the Casa worthwhile.

It is not known to everybody that when the Spaniards and Americans came, all the natives of the island were forced to adapt to the new ways, leaving behind a rich culture.  Rituals, medicinal practices of going to a manawalay or tawal gave way to modern medicine and that it was only in recent years that the Kamiguing language was taught to the new generation and their history.

For now, they are still gathering items of their past like cloth, armaments for a hunting and gathering life, and recording oral history into a written one.

At Casa de Cutab, you do not only get to experience a relaxing stay for a negotiable amount (family room good for 6 people is only PhP2,500, aircon room starts at 1,000-1,400, dormitory fan rooms at 200/head ), a good feast on a floating boat, but also get to know more about the culture of Tribu Kamigin. 

How to get there:
Manila to Camiguin (by plane). There are several airlines who have flights from Manila to Camiguin. Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro are available
•    Ferry from Cagayan de Oro to Benoni, Camiguin 
Bohol to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Bohol are available
•    Ferry from Jagna, Bohol to Benoni, Camiguin
Cebu to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cebu are available
•    Ferry from Cebu City to Camiguin

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