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Choose Philippines | Sep 06, 2017

Rain or shine, head straight to Crystal Beach Resort, situated at the small, picturesque town of San Narciso in Zambales. It is right between the municipalities of Iba and San Antonio, and thankfully, roads are easily accessible. In fact, whether you're using public transportation or your own private vehicle, the trip going here is going to be smooth.

Be forewarned though: as soon as your feet sink in that soft dark grey sand, you may not want to leave again. The vibe is supremely chill, and it would be quite difficult to resist the gamut of activities that you can do in the resort, such as camping, bonfire, beach football, volleyball—heck, you can even bring your four-legged-furry friends.

It is also a haven for beach babes and surfing afficionados who desire a laid-back life. There are a lot of options for your accommodation needs.  You can rough it out in a tent or hammock and sleep under the stars. You can also go conventional and sleep in your own room with airconditioning.

How To Get Here

  • From Manila, hop on a bus headed to Iba Zambales
  • Get dropped off at San Narciso
  • Ride a tricycle to bring you to Crystal Beach Resort

Nearby Destinations

  • Surf at Liwa liwa Zambales or Pundaquit
  • Dive the clear waters of Capones or Camara Island
  • Go camping at Nagsasa or Anawangin Cove
  • Climb Mt. Pundaquit’s Peak.
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