5 Fancy Accommodations Where You Could Pamper Yourself

Baguio, Davao City, Batangas

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Jan 08, 2018

New year, new opportunities, new things to stress you out? Not with these unique places! Recharge your tired bones with some of the best accommodations (and otherwise) we’ve been to!

Lorelei Beach Resort

Named after Lore Lay of the European Rhine River, this lovely mansion will easily cast its spell upon you.


Peninsula de Punta Fuego

It's almost impossible to go off the grid and escape from factors that causes you stress. However, Batangas might just be the closest place you can find peace and quiet.


Grand Sierra Pines

Baguio is known as the Philippines' Summer Capital, and with good reason. Part of its charm come from the pine trees, and this unique hotel—which builds around the trees instead of on top of them—makes you feel as if the pines are hugging you in their cool, breezy embrace.


Amiya Resort Residences

Samal's huge trees provide shade from the scorching heat of the sun, and the turqouise waters will cool off any anger or tension you have. Visit this beautiful in-land resort in the coming summer of 2018!

Aquaria Beach Resort

Some beach trips are best enjoyed alone, and some are best enjoyed with a loved one. Aquaria Beach Resort, with all its awesome amenities, is best enjoyed with the love of your life.

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