5 Pocket-Friendly Accommodations For Travelers On A Tight Budget

Palawan, Aklan, South Cotabato , Zambales, Siargao

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Apr 04, 2018
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We've all had those days: our itch for travel is at odds with the contents of our wallet, and more often than not, we skip it completely, foregoing the potentially-rewarding experience of going someplace new. However, with today's ease of traveling, that shouldn't be the case, especially with these places:

Pesangan Surfcamp

Want to visit awe-striking Siargao but on a shoestring budget? We got you covered!


El Nido’s Country Inn Hotel and Restaurant

Palawan has a reputation for being an expensive place to go to. However, places like the Country Inn Hotel hopes to challenge that by offering inexpensive lodgings for the budget-strapped traveler.


Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds

Another notable expensive destination, Boracay is unforgiving to those on a budget. Thankfully, just a little bit off the beaten path, you can find Agos. Thank the stars!


The Farm at Carpenter Hill

Just 6 kilometers from the city proper is a garden resort that still has fruit trees and lush forest to make you forget you’re in an urban center. Oh, and it's cheap, too. See you there?


Crystal Beach Resort

Zambales may not have the privilege of having white sands like many of the Philippines' finest beaches, but that never stopped people from visiting. Part of its charm lies in the waves that make it an excellent spot for surfing, as well as other aquatic adventures!


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