Tuburan Mountain View Resort: This Pool Has Water From A Natural Spring

South Cotabato

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Apr 06, 2018

Tupi in South Cotabato is a very fertile land for different kinds of fruits and other agricultural produce. Large plantations of pineapple lay at the foot of Mt. Matutum, while papaya, banana, coconut, guyabano, avocado, and other fruits are also bountiful. Corn, asparagus, and sweet potatoes grow abundantly alongside the fruits. In fact, all along the sides of the highway are fruit stalls selling the fruits of the season. 

The bountiful vibe is carried onto this new resort nestled among plantations of fruits and a little less than 10 minutes from Crossing Rubber of Tupi—the Tuburan Mountain View Resort.

"Tuburan" in Cebuano means spring from which water gushes—that is why the resort’s swimming pool is fed by natural flowing spring water. A stream even flows between their pools and a river runs through the property. Even the resort’s pond is fed from the stream and is a source of fresh tilapia and hito. Resort goers can go fishing and have their catch cooked at the restaurant.  

With the abundance of water also come lush greens from ornamental plants and fruit-bearing trees. Flowers in different colors hang from vines or from shrubs and trees.

For those who are looking for a getaway from the concrete jungle, the resort is a green and relaxing break. But still, you can have an adventure by doing the zipline that traverses from the municipality of Tupi to the next city of Koronadal. You zip through bananas and other trees at a height of 60 feet and 200 to 300 meters long.

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If you prefer a more laidback activity, take a dip in the cool water of the swimming pool and be refreshed. All around the pool are cottages that you can rent from Php 300-600 and if you want to stay overnight, there are big family air conditioned rooms starting at Php 2,500 to 4,500 which can accommodate from 15 to 30 people.

The resort’s restaurant is also a spring of delicious food from breakfast to lunch, refreshments, and on to dinner.
Start with their homemade tapa or pork chop for breakfast. For lunch, have a feast of chop suey, sinigang na malasugue, pork barbeque, and tender, juicy, flavorful tuna belly.

Or have a boodle bilao (PhP999 for 4-6 persons; PhP1200 for 6-8persons) lunch of grilled pork belly, pork bbq, chicken bbq, longganisa, squid, itlog na maalat and kamatis, and calamares. 

As if all these won’t make your mouth water, try their specialties—the Nilagpang na Hito which is grilled hito that is made into a mildly spicy soup and Chicken Binakol which is chicken cooked in buko juice and meat. For dinner, start with kinilaw na malasugue then on to garlic chicken, grilled tuna belly, pakbet, and pancit. 

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On Saturday nights, a live acoustic band will make your dinner even more enjoyable as they sing the latest hits or by request.  You can even sing along with them by taking the center stage.

Whether you sing, swim, zipline, filling your tummy with their mouth watering food, and just plain communing with nature at the resort, it is going to be one laid back break at the Tuburan Mountain View Resort.

How to get there:

Tupi, South Cotabato can be reached from Manila by plane to General Santos City. At GenSan, take the bus or van to Tupi and have you dropped at Crossing Rubber. From the crossing, take the habal-habal or single motor bikes to the farm. (PhP20/head). Entrance for day tour is PhP50 for adults and PhP25 for kids.

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