3 Heart-Pumping Adventures at Samal’s SECDEA

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 16, 2018
3 Heart-Pumping Adventures at Samal’s SECDEA
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SECDEA has been on the list of must-go-to resorts in Island Garden City of Samal because of its comfortable accommodation, relaxing atmosphere, delicious buffet spread and ala carte food, swimming pools, ponds, beach, and park.

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You can do a whole lot of things or just plain enjoy the sea breeze at the beach or take refuge from the scorching heat of the sun in snug airconditioned rooms.

But if you are in for adrenaline-pumping adventures, it is time to try their inflatable waterpark, go for an hour and 30-minute ATV ride or hit the bullseye at the Archery grounds.

SECDEA  is the first resort in Samal Island to have an inflatable waterpark in its beachfront. You will be given a briefing, made to sign a waiver, secured with a helmet and life vest before taking a ride on a boat to get to the floating park in the middle of the sea--- All in that order. (RATE: DAY TOUR GUESTS: Day tour rate is Php 1,000.000 per person and that comes with free buffet lunch. To avail the use of the Waterpark, day tour guests must pay Php 150.00 and that's good for two hours. OVERNIGHT GUESTS - Overnight guests only pay Php 100.00 for unlimited use of the Waterpark. OPERATIONAL HOURS: 8AM-5PM)

Once you are in the park, it is time to walk, run, slide, or in some cases, crawl, to get from one point to another.  You may have to climb on slippery towers by holding on to straps, slide on a 100-degree wall, go through a hole, swing through a rope, and if you fall, swim or move to get back on the float. 

Choose Philippines contributor and insider, Olan Emboscado, The Travel Teller will show you the action in this video.

I was getting hoarse from cheering him on since he was going fast over the whole course even while holding on to an action camera.  Yes, I held on and kept my balance on the float and cheered.  Worth screaming my heart out as he finished it in just over 6 minutes.

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As if the adrenaline rush from doing the course was not enough, we hopped on to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and drove over rough, pot-holed, muddy, slippery, unpaved roads for an hour and half all over Brgy, Cogon of Samal Island.    (ATV @PhP1,800 UTV @PhP2,400 All for 90 mins. trail with guide)

Here are the ground rules: No overtaking. No racing. No helmet, no ride.  Only experienced drivers are allowed to drive.

I was a passenger of an adrenaline junkie so I expected a whole lot of fun and we did.

It was hot and humid, my helmet was slipping over my eyes, my camera and my clothes and slippers were muddied from all the splashes and yet, we were again screaming out of pure fun.  We even managed to wave at children and greeted other residents along the way.   

It was kind of difficult to bring the pumped up energy down when the time was up.  But then again, the archery ground proved to be yet another adventure as guides strapped us and taught us how to aim at the bullseye. (PhP150 for 15 arrows/PhP270 for 30 arrows/PhP360 for 45 arrows/PhP900 for 150 arrows)

No luck with the target, though.  One arrow even went out of the range!  We needed practice and more practice and so we vowed to come back and maybe hit the mark.

It was quite a day.  Yes, it was tiring but so worth the aching muscles.  So check out SECDEA soon!

Thank you, The Travel Teller Olan Emboscado, Christine Afdal, Kristyl Saquin, the SECDEA Beach Resort Staff and Crew.

How to get there:
Samal Island is 15 minutes away from the airport of Davao City. Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
For bookings and inquiries, you may reach SECDEA at Davao Office: 082.295.7912 and 0925.892.6072
Samal Office: 082.305.2774 and 0932.868.0887

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