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The Happiest Festival in the Philippines!


Every October! Visit Bacolod City and let’s celebrate the MassKara Festival! MORE

Kapamilya Run: The 1st Negros Marathon


Save the date! Come run and finish the race with us! MORE

Something Special for your Sweet Tooth


What’s for dessert? Cheese cakes, carrot cake, chocolate cake, white cake… just name it! MORE

The Century Old Cathedral in Negros Occidental


The San Sebastian Cathedral of Bacolod City was built in 1876. It was originally a small chapel. MORE

“Kiong Hee Huat Tsai” from the City of Smiles!


Bacolaodiat is Bacolod’s very own Chinese New Year Festival. It comes from a combination of 2 words, “Bacolod” from the name of the City and “Lao Diat” from the Fookien word for celebration. MORE

The Elegant Virgen sang Barangay

A chapel beautifully decorated with intricate art. MORE

Chapel of Cartwheels


One of the most unique chapels in the Philippines, the Chapel of Cartwheels MORE

Tasty! Crispy! Intestines?


Ginabot is the Cebuano version of chicharon bulaklak, a finger food often served as an appetizer. Ginabot is one of the favorite street foods in Cebu. This version of pork cracklings is made from pig intestines. MORE