Tagum’s Energy Park: An Oasis in the Middle of the City

The Energy Park or as Tagumeños call it, the E-Park, is a 25-hectare of land where you can rest, relax and do recreational activities.  The park, which has a very serene atmosphere, houses some government offices of Tagum City.

This year, from October 24 to 30, the Energy Park is the venue for the 16th National Scout Jamboree where 21,000 boy scouts from all over the Philippines and 10 delegations from Nepal, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries are participants.

The “Dahon” monument in the middle of the park was also unveiled at the opening ceremonies in recognition of the noble contributions of the scouting movement in nation building.

On a regular day, people can come in and pitch their tents or simply open a mat and lay down on the grass under the trees.

Bikers don’t have to worry about their safety as there are bike lanes and bridges to cross for cyclists. There are available bikes for rent for those who want to explore the park. .

People come here for different purposes: rehearse for their school dance competition, exercise or do zumba, and just take in the air for relaxation.

Tucked in one corner of the park is an aviary under the canopy of tall trees.

You would appreciate the place more as you hear the chirping of the birds and feel the gentle breeze that envelops everyone.

If you feel re-energized after visiting the park, then it has served its purpose. Energy Park was meant to be that— an oasis in the city.

Did you know that Tagum City has a delicious crab-based dish and a nightmarket that generates 6 million pesos in revenues?

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