Minalungao National Park

There’s more to Nueva Ecija than ricefields

What’s there to see in Nueva Ecija? When one is faced with this question, the first thing that would instantly come into our minds would be ricefields, vast ricefields. The provice is is know as the Ricebowl of the Philippines since it is the biggest rice producer in Central Luzon.

Unknown to many, including Nueva-Ecijanos themselves, the province has other interesting natural attractions to offer. One of which is the Minalunago National Park. The park is located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, in sitio Minalungao in the town of Papaya (officially called Municipality of General Tinio).

The park features the Peñaranda River with its crystal clear emerald waters and the limestone walls towering to up to 16 meters. Guides are available at the park to ensure your safety as you explore the area. Swimming here is a unique experience since it is one of the remaining cleanest bodies of water in Central Luzon.

For directions on how to get to there, read our full feature article Minalungao to put Nueva Ecija on Philippine Tourism Map

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