Top 5 Muslim Delicacies

Feast of Breaking the Fast 1.) Tiyula Itum – “Tiyula’ itum is the best among the Tausug viands. The origin of this food is not yet known even among the Tausug, but people believed the tiyula’ itum is really a Tausug cuisine because of the presence of the burned coconut. […]

The Story of Reo Brothers Band

By Tom Banguis, Jr The title of this email just about summarizes the past week’s journey for a band of 4 very young brothers, rendered homeless and penniless by the storm surge in Tacloban, to the adoring response of an admiring, appreciative audience who were witness to their very first […]

Get Your Own Happy Chooseday Photo!

4 Easy Steps: 1) Visiting our meme generator at 2) Upload your photo — be it a selfie or a beautiful place in the Philippines, it’s up to you what to share! 3) Pick your choice of text. 4) Voila! Download your own Choose Philippines photo, post on FB, Twitter, […]

Top 5 Baguio Haunted Spots

1. Diplomat Hotel – This former seminary before being developed into a hotel, is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Strange noises and infamous headless apparitions are reported to be seen in this now abandoned hotel on top of the Dominican hill. Locals who live near the […]

7 Superb Reasons to Drop By Ibajay En Route to Boracay

1) Ati-Ati Festival Ibajay (pronounced “i-ba-háy”) is the custodian of Aklan’s living heritage, anchored on the strength of its army of ancients.   Photo courtesy of Boy Ryan Zabal.  This force is led by the merrymakers and devotees of the Ati-ati Festival, the town’s version of the Kalibo Ati-atihan, and which […]

Tiny Helping Hands for PH

As images of the devastation wrought by Typhoon Yolanda fill our television and computer screens, we all display different reactions. Some bowed their heads in prayer, others called for help, and a whole lot more volunteered their services, offered assistance, participated in rescue and relief operations. Through all these, people […]