Top 5 CDO Pasalubongs

1.) Vjandep Pastel – “VJ”-Virgilio Jose, “AND” “EP”-Eleanor Popera or VjANDEP is best known for its filled buns called “pastels”. Hailed as the “Pride of Camiguin”, its famous product is now one of the most sought after goodies and pasalubong treats.

2.) SLERS Chicharon – is Cagayan de Oro’s Favorite snack item. Made from the best ingredients, we make sure that the Chicharon is crunchy and cooked to perfection.

3.) Cashew nuts – are becoming popular to people in Cagayan de Oro. Cashew nuts open great economic opportunities to residents of the city.

4.) Turrones de Mani – This delicacy is for those of you who love sweets. Turones de Mani is made of caramelized sugar, crushed peanuts coated with honey, wrapped in wafer.

5.) SLERS Jamon de Cagayan – also known as Legham is prepared the old–fashioned way: a long process of salt curing and natural smoking. This ham is fully cooked packed in a “katcha” cotton bag ready as a giveaway present or to eat.


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