Pinasugbo: Visayas’ All-Time-Favorite Pasalubong

Pinasugbo is a common Ilonggo pasalubong usually sold in Iloilo and Bacolod. It is a sliced banana, deep fried, and coated with caramelized sugar. In spite of its popularity, Pinasugbo is so easy to make. The ingredients can easily be found in groceries or in any public market. In fact, all you need are the following:

  • banana (preferably saba)
  • brown sugar
  • vegetable oil
  • sesame seeds (optional)

If you notice, the bananas used are still green. It is best that you use unripe bananas so that the finished product is not soggy.

After peeling the bananas, thinly slice it.

Prepare a large metal pot. Heat the old and mix the brown sugar until it caramelized. Add water if needed.

When the mixture boils, you can add the bananas. Carefully mix the bananas until it is well coated. After 15-20 minutes, remove the bananas.

Since the bananas are still hot, prepare a tong and water as not to burn your fingers while preparing it for packing.

Place 2-3 slices in a paper cone and dip it on sesame seeds.

Your pinasugbo is now ready! Serve amd enjoy your sweet chewy snack.

Pinasugbo is delicious and sweet. I like eating it while it is still hot or freshly cooked. As it cools down, the pinasugbo is not only chewy but crunchy as well as it slowly hardens. It’s a very simple dish to make and to enjoy, but you’re probably better off purchasing from the local small-time vendors that sell this delicious snack in bulk. It’s a win-win (and sarap-sarap!) situation for everyone!

Thank you to the Livelihood sang mga Nanay sa Bayanihan in Barangay Banago, Bacolod City for sharing their knowledge on how to make the pinasugbo.

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