ANARAAR: Roaring Through Ilocos Norte’s New Tour

ANARAAR Roaring Through Ilocos Nortes New Tour

Travel back in time and discover the beauty of Ilocos Norte that’s more than its usual image through the new tour dubbed as “ANARAAR.”

The new itinerary traverses the province’s eastern trail and features Ilocos Norte’s rich heritage and splendid architecture.

“Anaraar” is an Ilocano word for the first glow in sky before the sun rises in the east.

Unlike the usual tour itinerary full with beaches, sand dunes, windmills, and rock formations, ANARAAR focuses on showcasing the province’s cultural and heritage offerings.

The tour starts at the Sarrat Heritage Walk, which consists of seven stations including the Marcos Birthplace, Sarrat Guesthouse, Sarrat Presidencia, Convent Ruins, Sarrat Central Elementary School, and Santa Monica Church, the longest church in the province with 105 meters in length and highly regarded for its outstanding system of roof trusses.

Continuing in Piddig, the “Military Town of Ilocos Norte” and the “Cradle of Basi Revolt” which is being commemorated through the Basi Revolt Shrine found downtown, tourists can also visit the historical St. Anne Church and the 15th Infantry Memorial honoring the heroes of World War II.

As the third destination, Dingras, the “Rice Granary of Ilocos Norte,” features the brick ruins of the historic St. Joseph Church which is surrounded by various heritage homes and structures. This include the museum and monument dedicated to the World War II heroine and founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Josefa Llanes Escoda.

A travel wouldn’t be complete without tasting the locally grown and locally made food, and the town of Banna, being the fourth destination of the tour, offers authentic products which will seduce the palates and appetites of gastronomic gourmands.

Healthy chips made from banana, camote, and taro are sold in packs while rice coffee is available in tea-like bags and powder form which can be adjusted according to taste.

Tourists also have the opportunity to experience the production of these goods.

The town of Nueva Era, the last destination, lets people enjoy cultural treats through their Eco-Cultural Park which features the distinct Tingguian culture and practices.

Arriving guests and tourists are welcomed by the tribal dance known as “Tadek,” which is a form of thanksgiving for a new couple who are believed to bring forth blessings and perseverance to the whole Tingguian community.

From the huts and tree houses, to the tribal costumes and dance, to the refreshing environment, individuals will relish the genuine customs and traditions of the tribe.

*For more information about the tour, please visit the Official Facebook page of Paoay Kumakaway or call the Provincial Tourism Office at (077) 670-0004 or +639175500946.

(Photos by Alaric Yanos)

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