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4 Must-Eat K’Gan Muslim Desserts

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 18, 2014
4 Must-Eat K’Gan Muslim Desserts

Special occasions call for special dishes. After the Ramadan and other occasions, our brother and sister Muslims break their fast and feast on special delicacies.

The K’Gans of Tagum City prepare delicious halal food for viands and desserts such as amik, daral, jampok, and panyalam for their feast.

1) Amik


AMIK is made from high-quality ground rice and brown sugar, poured into a coconut shell sieve and dripped in circles onto very hot cooking oil. Other Muslim groups call this delicacy “tinagtag.”

Back then, when ground rice still wasn't available in the market, rice was soaked in water to make it soft before being mashed and cooked.

2) Daral


DARAL is “bukayo” or young coconut strips cooked with sugar and enclosed in lumpia wrapper (spring rolls).

3) Jampok


JAMPOK is mashed tundan banana wrapped in flour with sugar, and shaped into circles before being fried in hot cooking oil.

4) Panyalam


PANYALAM is flour with sugar, shaped like small discs, and deep-fried.

How to Get Them

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Tagum City is an hour by land from Davao City.

Bus fare is Php 95-110. Van fare is Php 70-90.

The K’gan community is located at Busaon, Tagum City.

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